Priestfield House Nursery
89 Priestfield Road, Edinburgh,
EH16 5JD
Telephone: 0131 620 2379


Priestfield House Nursery is quietly situated at the lower end of Priestfield Road.  The detached bungalow has been refurbished to the highest standards specifically for nursery use.  The lower end of Priestfield Road offers unrestricted parking therefore it is safe and easy to set down and collect children.  In addition the nursery is extremely close to the main bus route into the city centre.  There is a lovely, secure garden to the rear of the property that is used all year round.

The Opening hours: Monday to Friday all year round

Full Day Session: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Morning Session: 8.00 am to 12.45 pm

Afternoon Session: 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Fixed Holidays: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 1st and 2nd of January

Maximum Number of children: 31

Priestfield House Nursery is a small, personal nursery, this way we can get to know you and your family really well and you can get to know us really well.  We believe “it should be all about you and yours…” so when we started to think about the nursery and that we could offer we thought it would be best to ask the people who matter the most.  You!  You spoke and we listened…closely!  You see we believe in getting closer to the things that matter to you.  We discuss the little things and help each other get the best from these important, formative years.    We work together with you to make sure you get from us what you need, so that the transition from home, to nursery, to school is as pleasant a trip for you, as it is for them….and us!

The Garden
The nursery has a lovely, secure garden which benefits from sunny areas, {when it shines!} and shaded areas for the duration of the day. Both the Toddler Room and Pre School Room have direct access to the garden making it easy for the children to enjoy the fresh air and a wide range of play activities.  The environment is an important part of each child’s learning.  As such, the garden offers children a stimulating, entertaining source of adventure as they plant seeds and watch them grow, collect different items from the garden depending on the season and even follow the wildlife!

The Nursery

* was established in 2006

*we are small and personal, "the less voices the more chance of being heard"

* the manager is a qualified teacher

* physical activity is a central part of our nursery programme

* we have a secure garden

* we have a security entry system

* we run Lothian Health 's tooth brushing programme

* we are a short walk from a main bus route to the city centre which is minutes away

* we are close to several local amenities including; the Commonwealth Pool, Holyrood Park, a swing park, Cameron House Community and Education Centre, Morgan Playing Fields and Cameron Toll Shopping Centre.